Wizard on Wheels Longbridge is a specialist mobile Alloy Repair business – making your alloy wheels look like new again.  We are based in Longbridge and cover the West Midlands area.

We are dedicated to making your alloys look new again.

We can repair all manner of scuffed, scratched or Kerb damaged alloy wheels. We can even straighten buckled wheels, weld cracked wheels and also repair leaking wheels.

Example Alloy Wheel Repairs

Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair

We repair bent and buckled alloy wheels. Buckled wheels can occur as a result of driving on roads with potholes and can lead to bent or buckled wheels. With our extensive experience with repairing all types of misshaped wheels, we can help repair and make sure they are safe for driving.

Cracked Alloy Wheel Repair

Cracked wheels are dangerous for your car, they can ruin your tyre.  Replacing a cracked wheel can be costly, that’s why repairing a slightly cracked wheel is a much cheaper alternative. We can professionally repair cracked wheels and restore them to a safe and great looking condition at a fraction of what would be the replacement cost.

Kerbed Alloy Wheel Repair

  • Kerbed wheels often happen as a result of parallel parking or busy narrow roads – typically damaging the outer edge of your wheels. We can professionally refurbish kerbed wheels and restore them to their former glory.

Scuffed or Scratched Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheels can also get scratched or scuffed from everyday use. We repair and refurbish scratched wheels to ensure they retain their original colours and functionality.

We offer all these repair and refurbishment services with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. You have a choice between the manufacturer’s silver colours or other custom colours, some of which include:

Black, White, Anthracite, Gun Metal Grey, or any Bespoke Colour you want!

We are a Mobile Service, meaning we come to you wherever you are.

View our Alloy Wheel Restorations Gallery here for some recent transformations and also read our Testimonials here.